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  • 层数:9 Ply
  • 厚度Thickness:5.80mm
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Avalox_P-900 SERIES


Made in Sweden

Avalox/AVX produces high quality professional blades, commissioned by the Chinese National Team. Unlike some of the other major brands, who make quality products, but mass produce them, Avalox/AVX makes small runs with tight tolerances.

Avalox/AVX blades are being used by several members of the World Champion Chinese team, including Wang Nan, multiple World- and Olympic Champion. Avalox/AVX is a cut above - at the same price as consumer products.


The Avalox blades seem to be unique in that they have a soft feel, but provide plenty of power. The soft feel of the blade gives it a higher dwell time, which allows you generate more spin and improves control and touch a great deal. The power comes from the fact that the blades have some 'spring' or 'flex' giving it a kind a 'trampoline' effect.

The soft and springy feel of the blade makes it particularly popular among the Chinese style players, as they often use harder sponged rubbers, which have lower dwell time. Avalox blades are very big seller both in the Chinese and European markets, and are outstanding for a looping / power looper style game.

All Avalox blades are still made in Sweden, as they always have been. The designers of the blade work closely with members of the Chinese National team, to make sure they meet the requirement of some of the top players in the world.
球拍名稱速度 控制 
P500 8.5 
P700 10 
 Avalox_P-900 9.5 9.5
Blue Thunder 777 10 

 Ma Wenge C555 Carbon 



  • Blade Construction: 9- Ply Wood
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: 87+/- 5g
  • Speed: 9.5
  • Control: 9.5 
  • A light 9-ply construction, expecially giving a very good control to the blade.

    FL 100mm*28mm/26mm 35mm/26 Length:258mm*150mm Weight:87+/- 8g

    ST 100mm*30mm*24mm Length:258mm*150mm Weight:87+/- 5g

    China Pen-holder 82mm Length:246 x 150 mm Weight:87+/- 5g 

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