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【P.P.】Tigress FL America Cypress
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【P.P.】Tigress FL America Cypress
【P.P.】Tigress FL America Cypress
    板厚Thickness: 9 mm
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【P.P.】Tigress FL America Cypress 

【Made in Taiwan】 Taiwanese pride World class

  [I love Ping Pong Studio] production + Coach Tony  Hsu research and development design supervision]

    Hardness: Taiwan Yellow Hinoki /Taiwan Red Hinoki = 3Ply Hinoki> Japanese Kiso Hinoki >

America Hinoki   

    Spin: America Hinoki >Japan Kiso Hinoki > 3Ply Hinoki > Taiwan Yellow Hinoki /Taiwan Red Hinoki 

Coach Tony  Hsu  recommended MIT I Love Ping Ping brand [PP] table tennis racket products are personally selected by Teacher Xu, not a good ball plate will not be put on the shelf, the best quality assurance of elasticity, wood grain and performance, excellent value for money, MIT I Love PingPing brand racket products, in the near future is definitely Taiwan's pride, Coach Tony  Hsu especially cooperates with the world famous brand table tennis products OEM Taiwan factory, carefully selected eucalyptus production, selected materials and master craftsmanship, The quality is no less than the Japanese Kiso hinoki racket. The racket's elasticity and feel are quite good, and the CP value is high, which is worth buying by Hinoki fans.

Coach Tony  Hsu especially guarantees the quality of the screening, flexibility and texture, right and left eye alignment, absolutely value for money.

  •     Thickness: 9 mm
  •     Board Surface: 157mm*150mm
  •     Grip Grip: 100*24.5~25.5mm    
  •     Long Length: 257mm
  •     Weight: 80~95g

[Product Photo Reference ]

Thick handle: suitable for the palm of the hand, strong grip, strong anti-torsion when hitting the ball, the ball feel is more solid when the strong pull attack.

Thin handle: suitable for small palms and poor grip strength, the whole handle is firmer and firmer, suitable for beginners or elementary school children, and wants to learn all-around stable play.



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