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【P.P.】Tigress RR America Cypress RPB_RR
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【P.P.】Tigress RR America Cypress RPB_RR
【P.P.】Tigress RR America Cypress RPB_RR
  • 品牌: P.P.台灣手工製作檜木單板
  • 型號:PP-50217-RR
  • 分類: 台灣式改良細柄直拍反打中國式直板
  • 乒乓底板材質: 全木板乒乓底板
  • 層數: 1層美洲檜木
  • 戰型: 全能型
  • 板厚Thickness: 9.0 mm
  • 板面Surface:157mm*150mm
  • 拍長Length:237mm
  • 重量Weight可直接選擇
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MIT 商標【P.P.】Tigress America Cypress RPB_RR


Handle design on both sides of the handle]

The arcs on both sides of the middle and the middle are reversed, the grip is short and the center of gravity is moved forward, and the strength of the arc is increased. The two sides are suitable for the rubber of different properties on both sides. [Reverse + positive rubber] [Reverse +Positive rubber short], can change the board surface at any time in the match, disturb the opponent's batting rhythm, suitable for offensive and versatile players, focusing on rotation and control.




M.I.T. 【Made in Taiwan】

Nittaku-Kasimu_Special carbon


  • 硬度Hardness(速度Speed):台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki> 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 美洲檜木A.M. Hinoki
  • 旋轉度 Spin 美洲檜木 A.M. Hinoki > 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki > 台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki
  • 【擊球手感Hitting feeling 穩定度Stability)】 :日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki>美洲檜木 America Ctpress>台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki


    MIT 商標【P.P.】Coach Tony, a Table Tennis Coach from Taiwan, M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping brade is espcially made a cooperation with OEM, the world famous table tennis products factories in Taiwan. Strict selection of cypress wood, materials and master craftsmen's hand-made.
    Its quality would not worse than Japanese Kiso Hinoki Pen Holder. The flexibility of the racket is quite good and over the value. It's worth for cypress Pen's fans to buy and use.

M.I.T. Americas Cypress RPB_RR

  • Brand: P.P. Taiwan handmade
  • Model: PP-50217-RR
  • Layer: 1 layer of American Hinoki
  • Type: All-round
  • 板厚Thickness: 9.0 mm
  • 板面Surface:157mm*150mm
  • 拍長Length:237mm
  • 重量Weight可直接選擇
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