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【P.P.】Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm CS S-selection-TWH600006
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【P.P.】Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm CS S-selection-TWH600006
【P.P.】Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm CS S-selection-TWH600006
  • 板厚Thickness: 8.0 mm
  • 握柄 Grip:82mm*23.5*29.5mm
  • 板面Surface:150mm*158mm
  • 拍長Length:232mm
  • 重量Weight:93.6 g Actual Weight
  • 【球拍的实际重量】
  • 【environmentally friendly packaging products】


【P.P.】Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm CS Special-selection

I Love Ping Pong Work StudioProduction + Coach Tony Hsu research and development design supervision.

Same Factory Product Series of [Double Day], the trademark of [ P.P. ] is for foreign sales's brand .


 Nittaku-Kasimu_Special carbon 【Serial NO:TWH600006】球拍實際重量Actual Weight:93.6g

005.gifThe recommended racket are all personally selected by Coach Tony, elasticity and wood grain are selected, the best quality assurance.
Only one for each number --------- sold out so far (only one of the first orders prioritized, the system shows that out of stock when someone ordered the order to cancel)


Special Recommendation

 M.I.T. 【Made in Taiwan】

  Taiwan cypress selected production, high hardness and elasticity, excellent weapon fast break near table, Taiwan Hinoki cypress unique rich flavor, straight lines and uniform, a limited number of rare good blades, only five sold out to stop taking orders.

   MIT 商標 Coach Tony, a Table Tennis Coach from Taiwan, M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping brade is espcially made a cooperation with OEM, the world famous table tennis products factories in Taiwan. Strict selection of cypress wood, materials and master craftsmen's hand-made.
    Its quality would not worse than Japanese Kiso Hinoki Pen Holder. The flexibility of the racket is quite good and over the value. It's worth for Taiwan's cypress Pen's fans to buy and use.


pingpongnew1_smallHardness(Speed):Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm>Taiwan RED Cypress 10.5mm>Japan Kiso Hinoki 10.5mm >Americas Cypress 10.5mm

Spin: Americas Cypress 10.5mm >Japan Kiso Hinoki 10.5mm >Taiwan RED Cypress 10.5mm>Taiwan Yellow Cypress 8.0mm

  • 板厚Thickness: 8.0 mm
  • 握柄 Grip:82mm*23.5*29.5mm
  • 板面Surface:150mm*148mm
  • 拍長Length:232mm
  • 重量Weight:93.6g Actual Weight


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