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【P.P.】SENKOH-X_America Cypress 9mm
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【P.P.】SENKOH-X_America Cypress 9mm
【P.P.】SENKOH-X_America Cypress 9mm
  • Square-type
  • Surface:158*132mm
  • Thickness:9mm
  • Grip:82*20mm
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 MIT 商標【P.P.】 SENKOH X -9 mm Aerica Cypress

【I Love Ping Pong Work Studio】developed and designed by Coach Tony Hsu

 FOR 40+ BALL[PP] SENKOH-X 9mm has High spin and rotation performance than BUTTERFLY SENKOH-1 9mm. It is more suitable for playing big ball 40+. The selected wood hardness and texture and the eye to eyes  both sides. Recommend you to use-----


  • 硬度Hardness(速度Speed):台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki> 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 美洲檜木A.M. Hinoki
  • 旋轉度 Spin 美洲檜木 A.M. Hinoki > 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki > 台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki
  • 【擊球手感Hitting feeling 穩定度Stability)】 :日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki>美洲檜木 America Ctpress>台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki


Nittaku-Kasimu_Special carbon

 The Square-type American Cypress 9mm single-plate pull-arc attack type SenKoh wooden handle, especially recommended for the pursuit of strong arc ball and super-elastic push,  it is definitely a good value for money table tennis racket.



American Cypress handmade

※Coach Tony Hsu specifically guarantees the quality of the screening, flexibility and wood grain, right and left eye alignment, absolutely value for money.

 Square-type Surface:158*132mm 9 mm Grip:82*20mm


【產品照片參考 Product Picture Reference】 本產品有絕對的一定水準,選材、紋路及製作由徐老師親自挑選,物超所值、品質保證。


PP桌球拍-閃光-X 9mm



精緻包裝盒[Exquisite packaging box]
 PP- 包裝盒 PP- 包裝盒
 PP-閃光 X  PP-閃光 X

【P.P.】 SENKOH_9mm Aerica Cypress


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