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【P.P.】MOBY-7 FL Japan Kiso Hinoki -7 PLY
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【P.P.】MOBY-7 FL Japan Kiso Hinoki -7 PLY
【P.P.】MOBY-7 FL Japan Kiso Hinoki -7 PLY
FL 弧型柄

夾層Layer: 面材1.5mm X 1 + 1.0mm X 3 + 0.7mm X2 ++0.4mm X1

●板厚Thickness: 6.3 mm



●實際重量Weight:System Itemfor choice

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MIT 商標

【P.P.】MOBY-7 FL Japan Kiso Hinoki -7 PLY

I Love Ping Pong Work StudioProduction + Coach Tony Hsu research and development design supervision.

Nittaku-Kasimu_Special carbon

[By hand-made Racket]

夾層 Layer:7 Ply Japan Hinoki[1.5mm X 1 + 1.0mm X 3 + 0.7mm X2 ++0.4mm X1]

The design of the Japanese 7-Ply structure is different, and the upper layer is 1.5mm. It increases the rotation of the forehand's arc, and the lower layer is

gradually reduced by 6 consecutive layers. The slightly harder elasticity allows the backhand strike speed to Increased, it is very suitable for the touch feel of backhand twisting with the belt pull. This is the hot design required by the mainstream of today's modern top players. You don't need to match different performance rubbers on both sides of the racket, as long as you use the same rubber. Can play different batting effects -----------


  • 硬度Hardness(速度Speed):台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki> 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 美洲檜木A.M. Hinoki
  • 旋轉度 Spin 美洲檜木 A.M. Hinoki > 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki > 台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki
  • 【擊球手感Hitting feeling 穩定度Stability)】 :日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki>美洲檜木 America Ctpress>台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki

Made in Taiwan 

●Taiwanese pride world-class standards●


●中國式 CS夾層

●Layer: 面材1.5mm X 1 + 1.0mm X 3 + 0.7mm X2 ++0.4mm X1

●板厚Thickness: 6.3 mm



●實際重量Weight:Choose in option

hot.gif New brand merchandise to solicit sales agents around the world table tennis club ---------------





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