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【P.P.】SOUL JP Japan Kiso Hinoki 3-PLY
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【P.P.】SOUL JP Japan Kiso Hinoki 3-PLY
【P.P.】SOUL JP Japan Kiso Hinoki 3-PLY
●握柄 Grip :JP 日式直拍
●速度:快速 High Speed
●戰型:攻擊 / OFF+
●厚度: Thickness:8.5 mm
●3 Ply:日本木曾檜
●握柄Grip =85 x 18mm*20.3mm
●拍面 Surface=160 x 135 mm
●實際重量Actual Weight:系統項目選擇
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P.P.SOUL JP 3-Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
I Love Ping Pong Work StudioProduction + Coach Tony Hsu research and development design supervision.
Layer: 3-Ply
Japan Kiso Hinoki+Japan Kiso Hinoki+Japan Kiso Hinoki

Special design on handle which is more lighter. It make gravity center more forward. Intensified cross structure on blade, which resolve hinoki’s problem── split easily. It also prove the blade’s property. You can enjoy the clean sense when hitting ball. The hinoki layer in center has high elasticity, outsise hinoki layer can admit the shock. It`s a best weapon for front-desk breaking.

● Hardness(Speed)
Taiwan Yellow Hinoki > APOLLO 3-Ply >SOUL 3-Ply > Japan Kiso Hinoki > A.M. Hinoki

● Spin
A.M. Hinoki > Japan Kiso Hinoki > SOUL 3-Ply > APOLLO 3-Ply > Taiwan Yellow Hinoki

Hitting feeling (Stability)】:Japan Kiso Hinoki > SOUL 3-Ply > APOLLO 3-Ply > America Cypress > Taiwan Yellow Hinoki

This blade has good elasticity, we recommend 2.0 soft rubber except you are PRO player( If you are, we recommend hard rubber)

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● [Fast offense include loop]Recommend sticky tenor sponge series ── Butterfly AIBISS NITTAKU
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M.I.T. I Love Ping Pong product is picked by coach Tony. All the product on the window has the best quality. The Spring, wood grain, and the property, all these are confirmed. M.I.T. I Love Ping Pong product will be the proud of taiwan in future. Coach Tony with famous OEM Taiwan factory's collaboration. Selected hinoki, selected material, handmade by old master. The quality won’t worse than Kiso Hinoki Blade made in Japan.

Hitting feeling
Medium hard
High Speed
8.5 mm
Japan Kiso Hinoki*3
●Grip =85 x 18mm*20.3mm
●Surface=160 x 135 mm


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