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【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon 7PLY -CS
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【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon 7PLY -CS
【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon 7PLY -CS
●握柄 Grip :CS 中國式
●速度:快速 Fast Speed
●厚度: Thickness:6.7 mm
●7Ply:正、反手-林巴(Limba)+ 內五層-阿尤斯(Ayous)
●握柄ST 直炳Grip =80 x 23.5mm*32.5mm
●拍面 Surface=150 x 160 mm
●實際重量Actual Weight:Choose in option

2022 new Arvial

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★7-Ply wood Octagon Blades★

Subvert your new thinking about T.T. blades application, the new octagon racket will create another new era of table tennis, increase the sweet spot to improve the fault tolerance rate, move the center of gravity of the racket outward to increase the centrifugal force, and can easily do without carbon fiber rackets With force and stability to hit the high-speed and rotating forward arc ball, Coach Tony has been trying various types and materials, and decided to make an octagon 7-ply pure wood racket first, so that you can experience the real fun of playing table tennis - ------------

 ●New octagonal table tennis racket, using the length and angle of the 9 sidelines of the racket, changing the sweet spot caused by shifting the center of gravity as the basic design concept, enlarging the sweet spot into an oval shape, with a high error-tolerance rate to improve the scoring rate, and the center of gravity Deviating to the top makes it easier to exert force, and the centrifugal force is multiplied, making it easier for beginners to master the feeling of hitting the ball.

[Comparison of octagon and hexagonal rackets]

The top of the hexagonal racket surface is enlarged. In addition to the sweet spot to increase the fault tolerance, adjusting the center of gravity to the top is a good speed-up design, but the test of the hexagonal racket shape When attacking close to the table, the second corners on both sides of the front of the racket are easy to collide with the table, which is only suitable for powerful arc attacks on medium and far stations. The [PP ORCA 8] octagonal racket also has the adjustment of the center of gravity and the sweet spot, but the end face between the front 2 and 3 corners of the octagonal racket with this structure is parallel to the tabletop, reducing the forehand and backhand near-table hit points, which can taking into account the change of the center of gravity to the top and the feature that the close-table fast break is good to apply force without hitting the table surface, the same performance improves the attack power of the mid- and far-table attacks and evolves the near-table fast break function.

●握柄 Grip :CS 中國式
●速度:快速 Mid Speed
●戰型:攻擊/ OFF
●厚度 Thickness:6.7 mm
●7Ply:正、反手-林巴(Limba)+ 內五層-阿尤斯(Ayous)
●握柄 Grip =80 x 23.5mm*32.5mm
●拍面 Surface=150 x 160 mm
●實際重量Actual Weight:


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