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【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon ALC -ST
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【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon ALC -ST
【PP】ORCA 8 Octagon ALC -ST
●握柄 Grip :FL
●速度:快速 Fast Speed
●戰型:兩面弧圈 / OFF
●厚度: Thickness:5.9 mm
●7Ply: KOTO+混纖維 ALCarbon+阿尤斯Ayous + 梧桐木 Kiri +阿尤斯Ayous+ 混纖維 ALCarbon+ KOTO
●握柄FL 弧形炳Grip =100 x 24.5mm*34.5mm
●【標準版拍面】 Surface=150 x 158 mm
●實際重量Actual Weight:系統項目選擇
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★ALC Octagon Blades★

★Subvert your new thinking on Table Tennis racket application, increase the center of gravity of the sweet spot to create another new era of Table Tennis, increase the high fault tolerance rate of the sweet spot, move the center of gravity of the racket outward to improve the centrifugal force, and bring the classic carbon fiber ALC racket into play To achieve a higher level of hitting power, the more important thing is to increase the sweet spot to make it easier for the batter to grasp the scoring rate of the shot while having high explosive power, and to easily and steadily hit the high-speed and rotating forward arc ball. Coach Tony has developed and produced various versions and materials through continuous trials, allowing you to experience and enjoy the real fun of playing Table Tennis -------------
●New octagonal table tennis racket, using the length and angle of the 9 sidelines of the racket, changing the sweet spot caused by shifting the center of gravity as the basic design concept, enlarging the sweet spot into an oval shape, with a high error-tolerance rate to improve the scoring rate, and the center of gravity Deviating to the top makes it easier to exert force, and the centrifugal force is multiplied, making it easier for beginners to master the feeling of hitting the ball.

[Comparison of octagon and hexagonal rackets]

The hitting area at the top of the hexagonal racket is enlarged. In addition to the sweet spot to increase the fault tolerance rate, the adjustment of the center of gravity to the top is a good speed-up change. However, the test of the hexagonal racket shape is in front of the racket when attacking close to the table. The second corners on both sides are easy to collide with the tabletop, and are only suitable for powerful arc attacks from mid-range and long-distance platforms. The octagonal racket also has its center of gravity and sweet spot adjusted, but the octagonal racket with this structure has 2 or 3 front ends. The end face between the corners is parallel to the tabletop, reducing the hitting point of the forehand and backhand near the table, which can take into account the change of the center of gravity to the top and the characteristics of the fast break near the table and the force will not hit the tabletop. The same performance is improved in the middle and far. The power of the attack and the evolution of the fast attack function near the station,
【ORCA 8  Racket Features】
The top area is increased by 14%, the sweet spot is enlarged into an oval shape, and the oval sweet spot extends to both ends of the racket to improve the fault tolerance rate, and the goal rate is increased by more than 20%, making it easier for beginners to master the sense of hitting, and for advanced hitters. Easily improve the scoring rate and improve the spin and speed performance of the shot.
The center of gravity moves out to the top. Due to the increase of centrifugal force, when you hit the ball, you can swipe a little backwards, and the response is more accurate, and the hitting force can be easily exerted to produce strong explosive force. The ORCA 8 ALC carbon fiber racket is designed and manufactured with the same material of Butterfly King Japan. And the speed can be more incisively and vividly, the octagonal racket surface increases the sweet spot of hitting the ball to avoid the instant explosion of the carbon fiber racket and uncontrollable. In the future, a series of different material rackets will be tested one after another to make playing Table tennis another kind of fun--- ---.
[High fault tolerance / easy to use / super powerful magic racket]

After more than a month of testing by Coach Tony, he found the type, and invited a number of golfers to try it out. All of them felt the affinity of this design racket. You can experience the pleasure of playing Table tennis easily, increase the fault tolerance rate of the sweet spot to make it easy for you to return the ball, and move the center of gravity outward to improve your playing power. Using the [PP ORCA 8 ] Octagon racket can definitely make it easier for you to play the ball. You enjoy the unprecedented experience of playing Table tennis---------

●握柄 Grip :ST
●速度:快速 Fast Speed
●厚度: Thickness:5.9 mm
KOTO+混纖維 Arylate Carbon+阿尤斯Ayous + 梧桐木 Kiri +阿尤斯Ayous+ 混纖維 Arylate Carbon+ KOTO
●握柄FL 弧形炳Grip =100 x 24mm*28mm
●拍面 Surface=150 x 158 mm
●實際重量Actual Weight:系統項目選擇



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