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【P.P.】APOLLO-8 ST  octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
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【P.P.】APOLLO-8 ST octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
【P.P.】APOLLO-8 ST octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
●Style: OFF
●Thickness: 6.4 mm
●ST Grip: 102*高High23.0(寬width 28.0mm)
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【P.P.】 APOLLO-8  FL Octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki

★The 8-corner table tennis racket is a patented product and must be imitated★ I love ping Pong Work Studio production + Coach Tony R & D design supervision [It is definitely more stable than the hexagonal racket, with a more stable balance of speed and improved rotation, and there will be no disadvantages that the hexagonal racket is too forward-leaning and difficult to adapt, and the hitting force is too hard to control]

★Subvert your brand-new thinking on the application of rackets. The sweet spot will be enlarged and the center of gravity will be moved outwards, which will create another new era of billiards. The octagonal racket will increase the sweet spot and have a high fault tolerance rate. It can also easily and stably hit high-speed and rotating forward loop balls. Coach Tony has continuously tried various styles and materials, allowing you to experience and enjoy the real fun of playing table tennis-----------

●The new octagonal table tennis racket uses the length and angle changes of the 9 sidelines of the racket to change the sweet spot caused by the shift of the center of gravity as the basic design concept. The sweet spot is enlarged to an ellipse, which is highly fault-tolerant and improves the scoring rate. The top makes it easier to exert force and double the centrifugal force, making it easier for beginners to use force to master the feeling of hitting the ball, and it is easier for advanced hitters to increase the scoring rate and improve the spin and speed of hitting the ball.
[Comparison between octagonal and hexagonal rackets]
The top hitting area of the hexagonal racket face is enlarged. In addition to the increased sweet spot and high error tolerance rate, adjusting the center of gravity to the top is a good way to increase speed. The second corner on the front side is easy to collide with the table, which is only suitable for COSCO Taiwan’s powerful arc attack, and the octagonal racket also has the advantages of adjusting the center of gravity and increasing the sweet spot. The octagonal racket will not lean forward excessively like the hexagonal racket Difficult to adapt, the strength can not be controlled, and this structure of the octagonal racket face between the two and three corners of the front end is parallel to the table, which reduces the hitting point of the forehand and backhand close to the table, and can take into account the center of gravity towards the top. Changed the characteristics of the fast attack near the table so that the force will not hit the table. The same performance has been improved in the middle and far attack power and the fast attack function of the near table has been evolved.

Octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki

●Style: OFF
●板厚Thickness: 6.4 mm
●直柄 ST Grip: 102*高High23.0(寬width 28.0mm)
★專利產品/ 重心外移 加大甜區 提升速度/旋轉/穩定度★

● 硬度Hardness(速度Speed):台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki >3Ply 木曾檜+美洲檜+木曾檜> 3Ply 木曾檜>日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 美洲檜木A.M. Hinoki
● 旋轉度 Spin: 美洲檜木 A.M. Hinoki > 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 3Ply 木曾檜 >3Ply 木曾檜+美洲檜+木曾檜 > 台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki
● 【擊球手感Hitting feeling 穩定度Stability)】 :日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki> 木曾檜> 3Ply 木曾檜>三夾檜木手工特製>美洲檜木 America Ctpress>台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki

徐老師所推薦M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping 品牌產品 均為徐老師親自精選,不是好的球板不會上架,彈性、木紋及性能最佳品質保證,物超所值,M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping 品牌球拍製品,不久的將來絕對是台灣的驕傲,徐老師特別與世界名牌桌球產品OEM之台灣工廠合作,嚴選檜木製作,特選材質及老師傅手工製作,品質不輸日本木曾檜之手工檜木拍,球拍之彈性及手感頗佳,物超所值,值得檜木直拍之愛好者購買使用。

●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜
●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜
●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜


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