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【P.P.】APOLLO-8 FL octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
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【P.P.】APOLLO-8 FL octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
【P.P.】APOLLO-8 FL octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki
●Style: OFF
●板厚Thickness: 6.4 mm
●弧形柄 FL Grip: 102*高High25.5(寬width 33.5mm)
●重量Weight: For your choice of item
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【P.P.】 APOLLO-8 FL  octagonal 3 Ply Japan Kiso Hinoki


【New Product Limited Edition】

★The 8-corner table tennis racket is a patented product and must be imitated★
I love billiards workshop production + Coach Tony Hsu R & D design supervision
[It is more stable than the hexagonal racket, with a more stable balance of speed and improved rotation, and there will be no disadvantages that the hexagonal racket is too forward-leaning and difficult to adapt, and the hitting force is too hard to control]

★Subvert your brand-new thinking on the application of rackets. The sweet spot will be enlarged and the center of gravity will be moved outwards, which will create another new era of Table Tennis. The octagonal racket will increase the sweet spot and have a high fault tolerance rate. It can also easily and stably hit high-speed and rotating forward arc. Coach Tony Hsu has continuously tried various styles and materials, allowing you to experience and enjoy the real fun of playing Table Tennis -----------

●Style: OFF
●Thickness: 6.4 mm
● Grip: 102*High25.5(width 33.5mm)


















●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜

●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜
●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜
●徐老師桌球● ~PP桌球拍~APOLLO-8 FL 八角拍三夾日本木曾檜



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