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【P.P.】Tigress RL America Cypress RPB_RL
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【P.P.】Tigress RL America Cypress RPB_RL
【P.P.】Tigress RL America Cypress RPB_RL
    Brand: 【P.P.】 table tennis racket - Taiwan handmade Hinoki 1Ply
    ● Model: PP-50216
    ● Classification: Taiwan-style improved fine handle pen-hold counter-attack Chinese style straight
    ● Ping Pong bottom plate material: all-wood ping pong bottom plate
    ● Number of layers: 1 layer of beech
    ● Weight: All-round
    ● Thickness: 9.0 mm
    ● Board Surface: 158mm*150mm
    ● Length Length: 238mm
    ● Weight can be directly selected
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【P.P.】Tigress America Cypress RPB_RL


Near or mid table the two sides of the arc driver, the handle short to the center of gravity forward,  the driver of the arc to increase, suitable for both sides of the driver attack the players, focusing on rotation and control, Soft rubber can improve the control.

M.I.T. Americas Cypress RPB_CL】→Near table the Attack/Loop Arc, grip short to make a sense of more solid and the center of gravity partial beat head, near the table control more accurate, very suitable for drawing the arc driver on the speed of rotation, for both Attack/Loop of all round Type of player.





M.I.T. 【Made in Taiwan】

  • 硬度Hardness(速度Speed):台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki> 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 美洲檜木A.M. Hinoki
  • 旋轉度 Spin 美洲檜木 A.M. Hinoki > 日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki > 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki > 台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki
  • 【擊球手感Hitting feeling 穩定度Stability)】 :日本木曾檜 Japan Kiso Hinoki> 三夾檜木手工特製 3Ply Hinoki>美洲檜木 America Ctpress>台灣黃檜 Taiwan Yellow Hinoki


    【P.P.】Coach Tony, a Table Tennis Coach from Taiwan, M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping brade is espcially made a cooperation with OEM, the world famous table tennis products factories in Taiwan. Strict selection of cypress wood, materials and master craftsmen's hand-made.

    Its quality would not worse than Japanese Kiso Hinoki Pen Holder. The flexibility of the racket is quite good and over the value. It's worth for cypress Pen's fans to buy and use.

【產品照片參考 Product Picture Reference】




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